Heating & Air Conditioning System Evaluations

The heating and cooling system accounts for almost 50% of the energy used in your new home.

It should NOT be overlooked or left to a 5 minute visual exam by the home inspector. While the home inspector is knowledgeable about homes and construction over-all he or she is probably NOT AN EXPERT in heating and air conditioning systems.

You could call an HVAC contractor who will send out a service technician to look at your system. The technician will give you a quick visual inspection, check the refrigerant charge and amp draws of the motors, and that’s about it…Ask the technician How Efficient the system is operating, or how much Duct Leakage is occurring and he won’t have an answer. Ask him for a report on his findings and he will probably make a few notes on his invoice and that’s all you will get….

It’s not his fault..
A service technician is not trained to EVALUATE systems… he is trained to FIX things when they break.

Southwest HERS is different… We go beyond what the average HVAC contractor can test for. We are specially trained energy raters who evaluate heating and air conditioning systems for proper operation and efficiency. We use specialized equipment sanctioned by the California Energy Commission to test for things like the proper amount of air flowing thru the duct work, which is CRUCIAL when evaluating the efficiency of a system. We also measure how much air is leaking out of the ductwork in places that it shouldn’t which wastes money. We have tested “NEW” duct systems and found as much as 40% wasted air leakage into the attic when the HVAC contractor said the system was operating perfectly and the customer was bragging about his comfort and savings.… 

As an unbiased 3rd party evaluator our goal is not to sell you anything. Our only focus is to give you accurate test results and straight to the point recommendations on improving the HVAC system.



Almost 50% of your household energy usage is due to the heating and cooling system.
Don't let hidden money leaks like duct leakage rob you year after year....


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